Easy Christmas treat – Brända mandlar/Candied almonds

In Sweden we celebrate something called advent, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In the small and big towns around Sweden there’s Christmas fairs every advent, and many people like to visit them with their families and friends. One of the things you can expect to see on a Swedish Christmas market are the small […]

A classic with a twist – rolled ginger nuts with marzipan

The other day I blogged about ginger nuts/gingerbread. Lets continue with that theme, while it’s still December and Christmas is still coming. It seems rare in the U.K and the U.S to roll out biscuit dough as thin as you do in Sweden (or maybe I shall say Scandinavia) with the ginger nuts and you […]

Confusion – Swedish ginger nuts/gingerbread

I remember when I was small and my family celebrated advent by lighting one or more candles in the special advent candlestick that we had. Me and my siblings would watch with wonder as a big plate full of lussecats, gingerbread/ginger nuts and occasionally other seasonal treats were laid down on the table in front […]

The yellow gold of December – Swedish Lussecats

Did you ever bake with your mum when you were small? I did. Every December my mum would bake gingerbread (not always with home made dough but it was tasty all the same) and a particular, golden yellow type of bun that we call Lussebullar or Lussekatter, rolled into peculiar s-shapes and decorated with plump […]