Easy but special anyway – Coconut macaroons with lime, currants and arrack

You know those things that are so easy that often they are made by kids? Rice crispy cakes or chokladbollar are good examples. We can all marvel at how pretty advanced mousse cakes or chocolate desserts look and listen fascinated to words like bavarois and joconde but sometimes you just want something simple and fuss […]

Fresh and comforting – Orange ice cream with almonds and chocolate sauce

Sometimes you want something that’s fresh and something that’s rich at the same time. Some people might suggest that you grab a bowl of fruit sorbet and alter eating spoonfuls of that with chewing on a Mars bar in between, but that’s just not me, and I think everyone agree that you can do better […]

Cheating – Coffee ice cream with Bailey’s chocolate swirl and chocolate chip biscuits

A few years ago I made a cake for my step dad’s birthday. It was a vanilla sponge cake with a ganache filling covered with whipped cream and then finished with a layer of marzipan. During eating my family started talking about a new pizza kit that they thought was really clever; you just roll […]

Just a great ice cream – Blueberry ice cream with macadamia nuts and white chocolate

A while ago, whilst still craving fruity ice creams, I decided to make blueberry ice cream. One of the biggest perks with having an ice cream machine is all the rare flavours that you now can make and eat; I’d never tried good quality blueberry ice cream before. I spent some time thinking up some […]

A Tropical Birthday – Coconut cake with exotic fruits

I never used to make a birthday cake for Keith’s birthday. I used to be very lazy. One birthday I made some vanilla muffins topped with shop bought lemon mousse, one year I made a coconut cake with whipped cream and topped with all sorts of sweets and another birthday I made a gooey chocolate […]

A comforting treat – Cassia ice cream with oat biscuits and raisins

It’s more or less impossible to find good quality fruit ice cream in the supermarkets in the U.K (I can count to two; a lime coconut ice cream and a lemon curd ice cream) so in the last two weeks we’ve been making fruity ice cream in my precious, new ice cream machine but since […]

A new start – Cherry almond chocolate chip ice cream

I turned 24 last week. I’m not old (although I sometimes feel old and bitter) but I’m not a child anymore, and it was five years since I was a teenager. As you grow out of childhood and into the responsibility of being an adult you usually get less and smaller presents for your birthday. […]