About the baker

Some people draw when they feel stressed, other people play an instrument when they need cheering up and still other people go out partying when they need distraction. Me? I bake.

Isn’t it strange how sometimes you feel like skipping after doing something that involves effort even though that something involves no eating or sleeping? It’s like you can make energy out of nothing simply because it’s fun and you love it. I can have had a rough week, with hard work, rainy days and little worries here and there but if I spend the Saturday shaping buns, mixing batters or tempering chocolate everything feels all right again.

I love many different types of baking so expect to find everything from sweet buns and biscuits to jams, confectionery, chocolate and bread in my blog. Many creations will be of Swedish origins. I have a passion for nice ingredients and I hope that will show. I love to experiment and try new things so I hope you’ll leave my space on the internet feeling inspired and later on, after you’ve been in the kitchen yourself, feel as happy as I felt.

Apart from a baker I’m also a photographer, a blogger, a gamer and a biology student. I was born and raised just outside Sigtuna, Sweden, but currently live in England with my boyfriend,his family and our cat Måns. I enrolled in a professional bakers course but dropped out as I wanted to do biology instead but it left me with lots of knowledge and an insight into the industry.


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