A break – Blueberry crumble

I’ve gotten into the habit of eating quite a bit of ice cream in the last year. That coupled with the fact that I got an ice cream machine meant that me and Keith agreed to challenge ourselves by promising not to buy any ice cream in 12 months starting from my birthday, apart from vanilla ice cream and only when you eat it with something else (such as brownies or pie) or when you’re out and want an ice cream cone if you have the bad taste to want something mass produced and full of chemicals, which as we all know everyone have every now and then. Because we eat quite a lot of ice cream here this means that most weeks we have to make a new batch of ice cream and thus there have been a lot of that sort on my blog lately.

I wont apologize. Ice cream is great and especially interesting ice cream flavours. The world deserves to know how to make ice cream as nice as mine, and if you don’t enjoy eating ice cream then you simply have bad taste and need to be brought to your senses. However, this is a baking blog that’s supposed to cover a wide range of desserts, bakes and biscuits so I thought I’d blog about something different this week.

I love pie, crumbles in fact. My love for crumble started when I was six years old, outside my preschool. We had an open day or something of the sort and there were sweet treats served to the visitors, the children and the parents. When you’re small there’s always things you think you dislike to eat, even though you can’t remember what it tasted like or if you haven’t even tried it yet. Pie was one of those things, I think I thought that it didn’t look that special at all, but as I sat there outside the red wooden house next to the playground and tucked away at my serving of apple crumble each new bite convinced me more and more that this was the food of gods. How can anything ever be as comforting as crumble? Soft, slightly mushy fruit, a slightly nutty, oat-y crumb that provides richness from the butter, sweetness from the sugar and a welcome change in texture and ice cream or custard that makes it all go down your throat like a soft stroke of velvet.

Ultimately comforting on a windy autumn day if made with apples and cassia/cinnamon and served with warm custard or summery and fruity if made with seasonal berries during summer served with vanilla ice cream to provide a fresh contrast from the still warm crumble. What’s not to like? Pie and crumbles are so versatile that I’ve yet to discover my favourite version because there’s so experimentation to do still but so far blueberry oat crumble is my favourite, served with ice cream.

Sorry for the bad photo, I just wanted to eat it as quickly as possibly, while it was still warm.

Blueberry crumble, two servings

30 g/1.1 oz butter at room temperature
60 g/2.1 oz muscovado sugar
25 g/0.9 oz self raising flour
30 g/1.1 oz thick cut oats
Vanilla from a vanilla pod, to taste
300 g/10.6 oz fresh blueberries
12 g/0.4 oz/3 teaspoons cornflour

Put the oven on 225 degrees C/437 degrees F (200 degrees C/392 degrees F if using a convection oven).Put the butter, 36 g of the sugar, the flour, the oats and the vanilla in a mixing bowl and rub together with your fingers. It will look as thought it’s too crumbly but keep going with it for a while and it will go together, you should be able to squeeze it into a ball but it should also be able to crumble together easily. Grease up a 5 inch cake tin or a pie dish of the same size. Put the blueberries, the remaining sugar and the cornflour in a mixing bowl and mix together lightly. Pour the berries in the tin and put the crumbles on top. Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown and serve immediately with ice cream.

blueberry crumble

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