Just a great ice cream – Blueberry ice cream with macadamia nuts and white chocolate

A while ago, whilst still craving fruity ice creams, I decided to make blueberry ice cream. One of the biggest perks with having an ice cream machine is all the rare flavours that you now can make and eat; I’d never tried good quality blueberry ice cream before. I spent some time thinking up some […]

A Tropical Birthday – Coconut cake with exotic fruits

I never used to make a birthday cake for Keith’s birthday. I used to be very lazy. One birthday I made some vanilla muffins topped with shop bought lemon mousse, one year I made a coconut cake with whipped cream and topped with all sorts of sweets and another birthday I made a gooey chocolate […]

A comforting treat – Cassia ice cream with oat biscuits and raisins

It’s more or less impossible to find good quality fruit ice cream in the supermarkets in the U.K (I can count to two; a lime coconut ice cream and a lemon curd ice cream) so in the last two weeks we’ve been making fruity ice cream in my precious, new ice cream machine but since […]