For grown ups – Arraksbollar

The very first sweet thing I learned to make in the kitchen was chokladbollar. I think there’s many other people in Sweden like me, people that learned to make chokladbollar first of everything else. You see, chokladbollar are very child friendly; you don’t need to use a potentially dangerous oven or stove to make them, it’s easy to make because you just put all the ingredients but one in a bowl and mix with your hands, they’re fast to make and small children think it’s fun when you roll them into balls and roll them in nib sugar. Arraksbollar on the other hand, are more for adults that still enjoy making easy and fast things in the kitchen and roll things into little balls and get your hands very dirty. It’s more for adults because even though there’s coffee in chokladbollar they don’t contain a particular type of brännvin called Arrak which has an alcohol content of 40% which children probably don’t like. They are normally made with oats, sugar, butter, salt, cocoa powder, arrak and then rolled in chocolate sprinkles but I made my arraksbollar more interesting and grown up by rolling them in toasted and chopped almonds and mixed raisins in the batter. I think the raisins add another dimension to the balls, they give an interesting change in consistency and a slightly fruity tang which breaks off from the sweetness and richness. If you love raisins, add more, and if you hate them then leave them out.

Some people put the oats in the blender briefly before mixing with the other ingredients but I actually enjoy the course texture of the oats so I decided to use thick cut oats. You may use whichever you wish. If you don’t have arrak then you can use another liqueur of your choice, although then you can’t call them arraksbollar anymore. I recommend Amaretto. Keep in mind that one gramme of liqueur doesn’t equal one millilitre since alcohol has a different density to water, so don’t use a tablespoon to measure the liqueur, weigh all ingredients instead. As for the almonds you’ll get leftovers but when rolling the balls it’s better to have a bit too much than too little.

Since I recently came home with lots of luxurious chocolates there is a lot to eat here at the moment, and I was planning on making Keith give them away to his work colleagues but he refused to, saying that he liked them too much while chewing on one…


About 200 g/7.1 oz toasted and chopped almonds
185 g/6.5 oz thick cut oats
100 g/3.5 oz unsalted butter, cubed and at room temperature
100 g/3.5 oz sugar
40 g/1.4 oz raisins
30 g/1.1 oz cocoa powder
25 g/0.9 oz of arrak, or to taste
1 g/0.04 oz/a pinch of salt

Put all the ingredients apart from the almonds in a a bowl and mix it together with your hands. Roll balls the size you want, about 3 cm (1.2 inches) is quite a good size. Roll the balls into the chopped almonds and put them in a tub in the fridge. They taste better cold and slightly hard from being in the fridge!



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