Better days – Raspberry ice cream

Some people say that you shouldn’t eat ice cream in Winter, but I think that’s silly. If you’re indoors with the radiators on under a warm blanket then it’s not any colder than Summer would be so why deprive yourself of ice cream simply because it’s not traditional? Especially if the ice cream is fruity and thus remind you of nice Summer days.

However, eating ice cream outdoors in Winter isn’t a great idea. That didn’t stop me when I was 15, it was several minus degrees and I really, really wanted a pear ice lolly, so my sister kindly bought one for me and I ate it on the way home. I still enjoyed it, but I thought to myself later that perhaps it would have been tastier eaten in bed later. I was very impatient when I was small.

This ice cream is easy to make. I used quite a lot of raspberries for it, but the flavour is still quite mild. If I were to make it again I’d either increase the amount of raspberries or use a sieve with bigger holes. The leftover raspberries, the seeds and the wobbly bits that stick to them, is very tasty so don’t throw it away! Just eat it on it’s own, or with yoghurt or on top of porridge.

Raspberry ice cream

250 ml/8.8 oz milk
250 ml/8.8 oz whipping cream (or double cream)
33 g/1.2 oz glucose syrup
62 g/2.2 oz sugar
315 g/11.1 oz frozen raspberries
3 egg yolks, preferably small or medium

Heat the raspberries over medium heat until they’re soft and mushy. Press through a sieve as well as you can and put the juice back into the saucepan and heat until it’s a thick syrup. Put the milk and cream in a saucepan together with the glucose syrup. Bring to the boil and put the saucepan carefully in a basin with cold water and let the mixture cool for about half an hour. Whisk the egg yolks together with the sugar for about two minutes until it’s fluffy and pale in colour. As you whisk, pour the milk and cream mixture carefully into the egg and sugar mixture. Make sure that you pour the milk and the cream mixture into the egg and not the other way around or the egg mixture might curdle. After the two mixtures are combined, pour into the saucepan again and heat on medium heat while whisking until the mixture is 82 degrees C/180 degrees F or it’s thick enough to cover the back of a spoon. Strain the mixture into a bowl and put it into the water filled basin again to cool down, stirring every now and then to prevent a skin from forming. When it’s cooled down, stir in the raspberry syrup and cover with cling film and put it in the fridge over night. Churn it in the ice cream maker the next day.

raspberry ice cream

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