For grown ups – Arraksbollar

The very first sweet thing I learned to make in the kitchen was chokladbollar. I think there’s many other people in Sweden like me, people that learned to make chokladbollar first of everything else. You see, chokladbollar are very child friendly; you don’t need to use a potentially dangerous oven or stove to make them, […]

Chokladskolan – Part one

If you were to ask me what type of food that I prefer to work with then I’d say chocolate. It’s complex, beautiful, versatile, delicious and quite scientific. After starting reading Peter Greweling’s book about chocolate and confections I was quite apprehensive and daunted by working with chocolate. I read about tempering and how it’s […]

Better days – Raspberry ice cream

Some people say that you shouldn’t eat ice cream in Winter, but I think that’s silly. If you’re indoors with the radiators on under a warm blanket then it’s not any colder than Summer would be so why deprive yourself of ice cream simply because it’s not traditional? Especially if the ice cream is fruity […]

Fatty Day – Semlor

All countries seems to have their own traditions regarding Shrove Tuesday, many of them involving eating various rich foods. It seems very common to eat pancakes at this day around the world and Britain is one of the places that celebrates “Pancake day”, another name for Shrove Tuesday, named so because of the extensive eating […]