Summer dreams – Scones with raisins, yoghurt and vanilla.

Occasionally you come across things that are completely different in other countries than where they were invented. Take scones for example, in England they are cute, round and small but in Sweden they are the burly and big. In England you flatten out the dough with a rolling pin and cut out little round scones but in Sweden you just shape the dough and flatten it really roughly into a huge scone the size of a small side plate.

I remember that in home economics class in school we sometimes made scones. We’d make a couple of plate sized scones each and since they had about the same area as a slice of bread people, me included, seemed to think that one scone equalled a couple of slices of bread, so you ate at least one huge scone yourself loaded with butter, jam and cheese and then you’d wonder after class why you felt so stuffed and slow…

In Sweden we often eat something called filmjölk, this is basically soured milk which is pretty much the same as what yoghurt is, but with different types of bacteria. The taste is slightly less tangy than yoghurt and a bit sweeter in my opinion. It goes really nicely in scones but you can’t buy it in England so I used yoghurt instead although buttermilk would go better (but I didn’t have any at the time).

I haven’t had scones in years, so the reason why I found these so incredibly tasty might simply be because I was deprived but I’d like to think that they are just amazing scones. The almonds provide a nice consistency and texture variation, raisins are always nice and the vanilla will go great with strawberry jam or whatever jam or preserve you choose to eat with the scone. This is a fairly small recipe, I only got six tiny scones from it but it’s easy to double or even triple to make however many you want. They are nice and Summery and perfect to make on a whim a rainy day.

Almond and raisin scones with yoghurt

120 g self raising flour
26 g butter
72 g natural yoghurt
16 g roughly chopped almonds
16 g raisins
A pinch of salt
A tiny bit of vanilla seeds from a pod

Put the oven on 225 degrees C (200 if you’re using a convection oven). Mix everything together into a manageable dough, add more flour if it’s too sticky. Flatten the dough with a rolling pin until it’s about an inch or slightly less in thickness, use a small, round cutter and cut as many scones as you can. Flatten the scraps again until there’s no more dough left to work with. Bake in the oven until they look nice and golden.

almond scones

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