Just some biscuits – Double chocolate pistachio biscotti

Have you heard of Lidl? Lidl is a chain that sells cheap and often peculiar food items, some of them can be surprisingly nice. When I was small my mum once bought a packet of not so authentic biscotti from Lidl. I tried one of these biscotti things and then I had to have another […]

Cake art – Buttermilk cake with blueberries, lemon and almonds

Sometimes when I feel like baking I’m not sure what to make. Do you remember back in school when you had art classes and the teacher wouldn’t tell you exactly what to draw, but instead you had to draw according to a theme or a feeling? It could be pink, Summer, black and white or […]

A bit harder but still easy – Fancy After Eight pears

In Sweden we have this popular dessert called After Eight pears. It consists of canned pear halves that you top with an After Eight each, bake them in the oven or put them in the microwave until the chocolate on top is slightly melted and then eat with ice cream. It’s a little bit like […]

Summer dreams – Scones with raisins, yoghurt and vanilla.

Occasionally you come across things that are completely different in other countries than where they were invented. Take scones for example, in England they are cute, round and small but in Sweden they are the burly and big. In England you flatten out the dough with a rolling pin and cut out little round scones […]