Happy New Year!

It’s already New Year’s Eve, time has really flown fast, 2013 is almost here. I’m going to, as always, make a few new years resolutions. None about dieting or quit smoking (I don’t smoke) but instead some about things I want to learn to bake and make. I want to learn to make artisan chocolates, get better at jam making, figure out a really good, white sour dough recipe and make a Christmas Pudding for the first time in my life (and a million other things…).

New years resolutions don’t have to be boring, demanding and serious. If you really need to make changes to your life, then make them, but remember to make some new years resolutions that are more to the fun side too; life’s too short to worry. Try to put time aside to do something you enjoy every now and then, bake a cake, ride your bike, read more books or play with your cat.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you a very Happy New 2013 with many rewarding adventures in the kitchen and happy moments elsewhere!


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