A classic with a twist – rolled ginger nuts with marzipan

The other day I blogged about ginger nuts/gingerbread. Lets continue with that theme, while it’s still December and Christmas is still coming. It seems rare in the U.K and the U.S to roll out biscuit dough as thin as you do in Sweden (or maybe I shall say Scandinavia) with the ginger nuts and you might notice that it feels like the batch of ginger nut dough you made never ends as you put all your energy into the rolling pin yet another time. If you feel that way, and if you have made some marzipan or happen to have some lying around, you have a few options; 1. Eat all the remaining dough. 2. Shape it into a big sausage shape and cut slices of it and bake. 3. Roll out the dough one last time, grate marzipan over it, flatten slightly, roll it the way you would when you make a batch of cinnamon buns, cut into slices and bake.

As tempting as option number one might be, you wont regret choosing option number three. In other countries around Europe it’s common to make a similar type of dough, put almonds into it and then slice thinly and sometimes you decorate ginger nuts with almonds. Almonds and ginger nuts are just a good combination. This is a good way to elegantly use up that dough you’re too tired to repeatedly roll out, it’s fairly fast and easy.

Ginger nuts with marzipan filling

One lump of ginger nut dough, maybe the size of your fist.
One lump of marzipan that’s a bit smaller.

Put the oven on 170 degrees C (150 if you’re using a convection oven). Roll out the ginger nut dough, as thin as you would when making ginger nut shapes. Cut it into a rectangle or a square, whatever fits the shape of the rolled out dough the most. Finely grate the marzipan over the ginger nut dough, until it looks enough. Flatten it slightly and carefully roll the dough and the marzipan into a roll. Cut it in 5 mm slices and bake in the oven Let the biscuits cool on a baking rack.

ginger nuts with marzipan

gingerbread with marzipan

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